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Broota Psychological Services was conceptualized in 1998. At that time when Dr. Aruna Broota was already conducting workshops at schools and corporates on Stress Management, Work-life Balance, Self-Development, Anger Management, and adjustment issues of Adolescents, a need was felt that some psychological services should be started to cater to the needs of the people and the growing frustrations in the children with unrealistic ambitions of parents. This was and still is the ice-breaker into the beliefs of people who prefer going to Pandit/Astrologer than to go to Psychologists who they think deals with the ‘Pagal’.

Corporate Assessment Test & Training | HR Solutions

Our Assessment & Development Center Caters to ALL your organizations Business Needs

Psychometrics Test Development 

Our designed Psychometric Tests helps companies in Measuring the Immeasurable - Resulting in Assessing People & Making Better Hiring Decisions

Participate as expert / specialist in Interview Boards for Corporate Organizations and P.S.U. Hold Interview Boards, Group Discussions (GD), Group Tasks (GT)

We have conducted various Training programs, Seminars and Workshops on a number of Topics in different prominent organisations.

Training Needs Assessment

Most important and the first step in Training programs is identifying the right training needs. Thus, the first step is to identify the employee's skill gaps with the help of Broota's advanced psychometrics and data analytics.

Employee Evaluation including 360 Degree Feedback

Keep your staff productive and motivated by conducting regular performance evaluations. We are specialize in creating a performance

Competency is a cluster of related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that affects a major part of one’s job (a role or responsibility), that correlates with performance on the job, and can be measured against well-accepted standards, and it has been studied that it can be improved via training and development.

Coaching and Counselling

Managers and leaders are critical to the success of a business, and so are effective coaching skills. Consistent coaching helps with employee retention, performan e improvement, skill improvement, and knowledge transfer. On top of these benefits, coaching others is an effective method for reinforcing and transferring learning.

Personality Assessment 

Broota's Personality Assessments are constructed using the established criteria of standardization, reliability, and validity. The information can be used in several areas, including clinical work, vocational counseling, education, and research. Scoring and interpreting Broota's tests requires special training

Career Services

Career Information

Broota Psychological Services offers in-depth occupation profiles for thousands of careers, which contain specific information including: the nature of work; average earnings; underlying training and education; related occupations; and corresponding academic programs.

Career Assessments

Career counseling is an interactive process by which counselors and students exchange and explore information concerning students backgrounds, experiences, interests, abilities, self-esteem, and other personal characteristics that help or inhibit their work readiness and career planning.

Career Counselling

Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments

Abroad Counselling

Don’t know how to target top schools abroad? Use our specialised study abroad counselling services. At Broota Psychological Services we understand student requirements and every student is guided from initial college selection all the way up to a successful student visa for any of the following countries

Conducting  workshops

Dr. Aruna Broota has been involved in conducting seminars, lectures, Discussing Groups and workshops in several schools since several years and we have conducted more than 5000 seminars, lectures, Discussing Groups and workshops all over India.

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