About Us

Broota Psychological Services was conceptualized in 1998. At that time when Dr. Aruna Broota was already conducting workshops at schools and corporates on Stress Management, Work-life Balance, Self-Development, Anger Management and adjustment issues of Adolescents, a need was felt that some psychological services should be started to cater to the needs of the people and the growing frustrations in the children with unrealistic ambitions of parents. This was and still is the ice-breaker into the beliefs of people who prefer going to Pandit/Astrologer than to go to Psychologists who they think deals with the ‘Pagal’.

Now, inspite of this ‘Pagal’ belief people are approaching Psychologists to systematically and scientifically address the issues that hamper growth and well-being.

The company is managed and run by India’s top Psychologists and Career Counsellors, Dr. K.D. Broota & Dr. Aruna Broota. Both are well grounded and experienced in the areas of Psychometric, Counselling, Coaching, Guiding, and Personality Assessment. They have published large number of Psychological Tests, worked with student and teaching population at School/College/ university levels. They have experience of training and coaching at various public and private sectors.

                          PROF. DR. K.D. BROOTA

Dr. KD Broota, M.A (Psy.), Ph.D., FNA (Psy.) has been professor & head of the department of Psychology, University of Delhi. Had his Postdoctoral at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA and was also visiting professor. He had various national and international awards to his credit, most prominent being Ford Foundation, Fulbright Senior Fellowship, etc. He was invited to various national and international Universities for lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Published books (Most Prominent: EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN IN BEHAVIOURAL RESERCH), large number of Research publications in national and international journals, and large number of psychometric tests.


                          PROF. DR. ARUNA BROOTA

Dr. Aruna Broota, M.A (Psy.), Ph.D. has been professor of clinical psychology, department of psychology, university of Delhi. She has received many awards/fellowships nationally and internationally. She is known for her work and contribution in area of counselling, psychotherapy, guiding, and outreach programs in the areas of clinical psychology/counselling.

She has also been active in coaching/counselling, training programs, assessment centers, etc. in various private and public sectors like: Cairn Energy, Gillette, Amway International, MICO, Modi Xerox, Ranbaxy, LG Electronics, HCL Technology, Alcatel, Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, etc.