Career Assessment - Interest and Aptitude Testing

We have been helping Students through Career Workshops in Schools, Seminars and Discussion Groups and now we bring specialised Tests designed for students, which is BCAT (Broota  Career Assessment Test).

Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments.

Career assessment, in the form of tests, can be very useful for those who are uncertain about the array of career possibilities.

We as Psychologist's understand that being a parent is a beautiful experience as well as a challenging task. Parent’s life is a roller coaster ride when their children are in the classes IX-X-XI-XII because this is the stage where each student’s journey for his/her career starts.


We also understand that the child has to take important decisions regarding the selection of stream (Science/Commerce/Arts etc.) and Career. Their decisions are usually influenced by Parents, Peers, Society or Media and these influences sometimes spoil not only the career, but the entire life of the child.

To share the burden of responsibility and stress of Parents and to help the children choose the right career, Broota Psychological Services has come up with BCAT (Broota  Career Assessment Test). This test is especially designed to help the children realize their potential, interest and aptitude to make an appropriate career choice.

BCAT (Broota  Career Assessment Test)

WHAT IS BCAT (Broota  Career Assessment Test)

BCAT (Broota  Career Assessment Test) has been devised by Prof. Dr. K.D. Broota and Prof. Dr. Aruna Broota, eminent and renowned Psychometrician/Psychologists. It is an outcome of their extensive research, teaching experience, and application in the area of Psychometry, Counselling, and Clinical Psychology.


Our Tests have been developed for the assessment of individual students at two school levels: IX & X (Scholastic Aptitude) and XI & XII (Vocational Aptitude).



It is intended to profile the Aptitudes and Interests of individual student for the purpose of counselling and guiding and for achieving highest level of performance and adjustment in academic subjects/streams. It will also facilitate the students in making ideal vocational choices at the later stage (XII Level).


It is not only helpful for the students to make the right choice of academic subjects but also facilitate the Schools in offering right subjects/streams to the deserving students, and subsequent improvement in School results and less problems from poor performers.



Defining: Aptitude testing is a part of Psychometric Assessment of an individual for the purpose of counselling and guiding. Aptitude refers to latent ability of an individual, we normally call talent. It is potential rather than existing (ability) capacity. For example, a person who has an aptitude for music will out-perform, with training/education, an individual who has no aptitude for music. This is true for other aptitudes too, may it be Scholastic (Science, Maths, Commerce, Hindi, etc.) or vocational (Engineering, Medical, Management, etc.).

Purpose: Generally, every individual has one or more aptitude/s and it is important to identify one which is more dominant and is associated with corresponding salient interest. We have to proceed scientifically and objectively in assessing the aptitude/s and interest/s with the help of standardized Psychometric devices.


BCAT (Broota  Career Assessment Test) is one such devise specifically developed to tap simultaneously the aptitude/s and interest/s of the individuals at two levels. At levels IX & X the purpose of assessment is to identify the aptitude/s of students for different academic streams (e.g., Science, Commerce, Computer, Social Sciences, etc.). At levels XI & XII the purpose of assessment is to identify the aptitude/s of students for the choice of vocations/career one wants to be in after XII grade.