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Career counseling is an interactive process by which counselors and students exchange and explore information concerning students backgrounds, experiences, interests, abilities, self-esteem, and other personal characteristics that help or inhibit their work readiness and career planning.


Career counseling is a systematic approach to providing information and advice to students in such areas as outreach programs, training, internships, apprenticeships, and job placement. Although the career counselor’s primary concern is the client’s career development, counselors also may provide screening and referral services to employers.


Counselors use information gathered through assessment to understand and respond to students needs and concerns; students use this information to understand themselves better, clarify their goals and perspectives, and make plans for the future.

Counselors provide individuals with career and educational counseling. 


Counselors use interviews, counseling sessions, interest and aptitude assessment tests, and other methods to evaluate and advise their students. 


Career counsellors chief focus is helping individuals with career decisions. Our counselors explore and evaluate the client’s education, training, work history, interests, skills, and personality traits. They may arrange for aptitude and achievement tests to help the students make career decisions.