Personality Development in Early Childhood















Personality Development is a lifetime ongoing process.

Early Childhood experiences significantly influence child's personality. Family, School Teacher's, School Friend's and neighbourhood children play very important role in the developing child's growth. Genetic factors like mood swings, anger management, immature personalities of the family members play a very significant role. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to look into the environment also of a child.


Environmental factors can be altered through Parent Counselling, as well as looking into conflicts within disciplinary issues confused the child and creates tremendous emotional instability, poor decision making and poor problem solving skills in the child. Thus, early childhood checkups and counselling sessions are beneficial in shaping personality growth of little children between the ages of 4 months to 16 years. 

Sibling Counselling and Pear Counselling becomes significant due to extreme insecurities and sibling rivalries created within the family whether nuclear or extended family.

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