Marriage Counselling










Talking about Marriage Counselling - it must be brought to the attention of anybody and everybody that pre-marital counselling should be made mandatory. However, people in our country are hesitant to contact Psychologists of such issues. Therefore, Pandits thrive on these issues.

After marriage the couple goes through series of tsunami's adjusting to the disappointments experienced from the pain of unrealistic romantic fairy tales.


So the first 3 years of marriage from a Honeymoon period to an everyday mundane life harvest misgivings both in the life of husband and wife. Within a turmoil a child is born not realising that marriage is a drudgery between workalike and personal life.

The number of divorces have increased but more than that bitterness, anger outbursts, beating children, abusing each other has come out in the open. Therefore, Physical health and Mental health hazards are on the increase.

In this backdrop, Marriage Counselling becomes mandatory to keep life happy and realistic.

Couple in Love