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Psychometric Tests:

Our designed Psychometric Tests helps companies in Measuring the Immeasurable - Resulting in Assessing People & Making Better Hiring Decisions.

We have also designed Tests to help students in assessing their career choices.

Broota Psychological Services has specialised Psychometrics Research Centre which is headed by Prof. Dr. K.D.Broota. We offer services to organisations looking to develop psychological measures in all areas of assessment: educational, clinical and occupational. We have decades of experience in meeting customised test specifications.

Developing assessment tools to suit the specific requirements/needs of clients. We have developed number of Tests on the demands of the specific customer, example: Emotional Intelligence Test (EQ), Social Intelligence Test, IQ Test, Abstract Reasoning, various types of Aptitude Tests, Interest Tests, Attitude Scales and Tests for mapping Competencies.

For example: On the specific demand of a foreign customer, a Pilot Aptitude Test was developed for the selection of candidates for admission to Pilot Training course. In this manner large number of customised Tests have been developed and administered. We have a team of experts dealing with Psychometric evaluation and Tests development.

We undertake the complete process of Test Development and Standardisation, including Norms Development, Reliability, Validity and Scoring procedures.

Recently, we also helped C.B.S.E. in developing and standardisation of Battery of Aptitude Tests to be administered to all the students of 10th Grade.

We specialise in creating reliable and valid assessments which has become increasingly challenging and expensive, requiring extremely specialised knowledge about Psychometrics and different approaches for different organisations.


Broota Psychological Tests have advantages over off-the-shelf tests as our tests are particularly tailored to the specific needs of an organisation, and can also be appropriately branded and given enhanced face validity by specifically using the language of that organisation. 


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