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Conducting Lectures, Seminars, Discussing Groups and Workshops

Dr. Aruna Broota has been involved in conducting seminars, lectures, Discussing Groups and workshops in several schools since several years and we have conducted more than 5000 seminars, lectures, Discussing Groups and workshops all over India.

We also have a highly accomplished academic team. There is a fine mix of trainers - some are highly qualified with years of experience and some are young who bring in newness and fresh energy to the team.

Broota Psychological Services offer educative workshops for children, parents and teachers. Children’s workshops target different dimensions of the child’s personality; which are essential for global development. Some of these include exam stress, gender education, stress free living, study skills and spiritual growth.

They build upon the children’s strengths by enabling them to open up to others easily and express their views, help them set positive impressions on their peers, allow sharing of ideas, and add to their own confidence. We also conduct Sessions for parents enhance parenting skills while those for teachers target optimal teacher-student relationships and ways for teachers to deal with children better.